Thursday, March 01, 2007

Time flies

Time flies. Apologies to all, haven't really had much chance to update on here. Also not a great deal to talk about, offices are a tad boring. Still, apparently on Monday I'll be back on response team, but I know the Training & Development unit boss (i.e. the overall boss of the Probationer Development bit I'm currently in) is arguing I should be staying where I am, as apparently I know what I'm doing, they still need someone to do the role I was doing, they still haven't got anyone to fill the position on a full time basis, and most unfortunately they now have my name. My team governor is being equally as adamant I was only ever let go on a temporary basis, they've already had one extension to the date I was initially given to return, and frankly they should sort themselves out and get something organised.

I will not be amused if I'm back for all of two weeks before big chiefs get involved and side with the TDU, as it'll take me roughly so long to catch up with "my" constables on team and get PDR's sorted out (see previous post), so meaning I'll just about be ready to go and get stuck in with things and I'll be off again.

Speaking to ex-and-soon-to-be-contemporary colleagues the vehicle situation is still diabolical. I heard that one Pc on the day a car returned had it for about 4 hours before kerbing it. Muppet.

The current policy of begging us to use the cheapest fuel available would now appear to be up the spout. I never took any notice of that anyway. Occasionally I am known when I'm really hacked off at penny pinching and lack of resources to go and find the most damned expensive ultimate / optimax fuel and fill it to the limit. Aren't I a petulant schoolboy!!!

Although there could be an interesting study there.... if the manafacturers claims are to be believed then using good quality fuel actually means more efficient engines, i.e. less pollution and less breakdown, and so may well be moreenvironmentally and economically efficient in the long term.... thats the argument I'll use anway!