Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cops with Cameras

Anyone see that ITV show the other day? All dramatic music and shaky cameras. "And here is constable Jones, who is fitted with our cop cam".
Anyone else think it was, well, embarrassing? I can see what the guardian tv writer thought about it (The Laurel and Hardy show, for those who can't be bothered to follow the link).

Okay so there were the chaps down south somewhere who had the Theft Act warrant. So lets stand outside and ask really nicely if we can come in. "Please, pretty please, pretty please with a cherry, er ok now lets do the door" Unsurprisingly, the chap who was in there and most decidedly not answering the door is found outside on the balcony, and any decent evidence has by now dropped several stories to the ground. I think you had the justification to go straight through the door there my friends. You are allowed to.

South Wales take things seriously don't they? Unfortunately I just couldn't get over the immaculate spiked hair of the bloke explaining stuff. How long did that take to do?

The Plymouth lot had a good result with their drugs bust though, all excepting the final poxy 18 months sentences for what seemed like a lot of white powder.

Special mention to the Met though. Hello, here's a plain clothes unit in an identity crisis. Or maybe just plain lazy. We can't be bothered putting uniform on, so we'll just stick our stab vest on over our jeans and t-shirt and go along to our raid in a bleeding great marked police carrier. Subtle it was not. Also, anyone else note that in their office / briefing room - only populated with white officers- the big St Georges cross hanging on the window? Ok so that doesn't necessarily mean a thing but with the Met being a force struggling more than most with the institutionalised racism label, not very clever at all.

I don't think I'll bother watching the rest of the series, assuming there is more.

I was that enthralled with the programme I missed half of it doing more valuable things like getting cups of tea but there was hardly anything on response team work. Not surprising, really, as I don't think it makes good television, not without a whole load of editing. Most police work is unglamorous, tedious, time consuming and boring. Arrest procedures for a start.

Rightyo I better head off. Back in custody, the joys. Was out and about last week though, even arrested someone! More on that another time.