Monday, March 12, 2007

Cold Fury

Met someone yesterday. A completely broken soul, devoid of anything behind her eyes. Someone simply unable to lift their eyes off the floor and raise their voice above a whisper.

She's saying nothing at all but we've been around long enough to know what's just happened. I make some phone calls, do some research and discover the long, disturbing history.

The things that have happened to someone so vulnerable and defenceless. She is a victim in a sense that the word itself can never convey. And yet she still blames herself for what has happened, and what happens to her. It takes hours of patient talking and coaxing just to let a doctor see her injuries.

Someone who was supposed to protect her has done things so unspeakable. Is this supposed to be a civilised country?

A whole team of officers was willing to go halfway across the country if it meant they got the chance to arrest the person responsible.

Part of me is glad we didn't get the chance. I don't know if we'd have kept our tempers should we have met him.

I hope and pray this poor, broken wretch of a girl can somehow find the courage just to let us help her.