Monday, March 08, 2010

Be the miracle

I am getting seriously fed up with a certain group of people. Any time there's a problem, they whinge and gripe about how nobody is doing anything about it. Then they come and whinge and gripe at me about how nobody is doing anything about it.

Unfortunately, that particular group of people I'm talking about happens to be police officers. I am so sick and tired of half my relief coming whinging about how stuff doesn't work or there aren't enough latex gloves or bits of first aid kit are missing.

They usually come to me for the simple reason that I tend to sort it out. However, I am royally fed up with it. I now just ask the question "What have you done to sort it out" by which I am invariably met by dumbstruck silence and a shrug of the shoulders.

At this point, I usually point out the very simple solution to whatever their current whinge is. No first aid supplies? Well here's an extraordinary solution. Email the resources people and ask for what's missing!!! Is there a fault with a bit of kit? Here's the fault reporting number!!!

I'm currently sidelined off response team after an old rugby injury came back with a vengeance and the amount of long sighs and slow shakes of the head I have off my old team about the states of various things now the only person bothered to do something about it and not leave it to the next person has gone!

That unfortunately is the case. The problem with shared kit- e.g. a police car- is that everyone seems to think it is someone else's problem to remedy, and not theirs. The end result is nobody does anything about it.

The title by the way is from Bruce Almighty, which I stumbled across last night (great film!!!). The end of the film summed it up. Don't look to others to solve your problems. You can do it yourself!