Sunday, March 04, 2007


Was banging on about PDR's in a post the other day. A question I meant to ask is thus:

A competency within the Integrated Competency Framework is "Community and Customer Focus". There are a number of behaviours associated with this, which is summarised as I need to "provide a high level of service to customers. Maintain contact with customers, works out what they need and responds to them"

On response team, who or what exactly is my customer? Is it the person who has called 999? Is it a victim? Is it anyone who pays taxes? Is it everyone? Is a suspect a customer? A burglar? A rapist?

If someone can actually explain this to me in a way that doesn't want to make me sledgehammer my own head, I'd be grateful. Or is it just stating the bleeding obvious? Does this blog contribute to myself maintaining contact with customers and trying to work out what they need? Ha ha I'll mention this if I ever get busted for doing this blog.....

"Sergeant, your blog has portrayed the police in a negative light, and is highly unprofessional. Give me your stripes".
"But guv, I feel it demonstrates how I focus on the needs and feelings of our customers and citizens, and provides an avenue of contact which may not be otherwise available, which is what the Home Office says is mighty fine evidence of how to be a good police officer."
"Damn it. Have some pips instead."

I tell you what. I have spent quite a while going through google trying to find a link to anything that explains just exactly what the "integrated competency framework" and its list of competencies is, and who actually wrote and designed it. (The best link I can find is here, and it doesn't really go into any depth whatsoever) I'd have thought the home office would want everyone to know what behaviours, responsibilities and competencies it thinks a good response team police officer needs. Or a firearms officer. Or a schools officer. I can only find links to every force under the sun saying "we have adopted the ICF and expect you to evidence the following if you want to work here / already work here / have accidentally driven through here" etc etc.

But it would seem the only way you can find out what they are is to subscribe to the Skills For Justice website, which apparently is designed only for police users.......... hmmmmmmmmmm