Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Apologies.... haven't been able to post much last couple of weeks, been very busy. Will be so for a little while yet. None of the busyness is really that interesting, mostly stuff that I've put off for ages and ages because it is tedious, and I've had to plan this time in advance as dedicated to sorting it out.

In the meantime, of course, keeping an ear to the newswire,The IPCC have been in the news. The IPCC have a little bit of a reputation amongst rank and file of being over-zealous in their approach to investigations and their recommendations for disciplining officers. However, reading through the just published Forest Gate report it seems quite fair and reasonable. I think their conclusions are quite fair, particularly the bit about planning for the eventuality that the intelligence is wrong. (I would love to know more about this case, as I could be sure there's a whole load more beneath the surface about this Forest Gate incident than the simplified innocents targeted and terrorised ethos I get from the guardian's report at least).

Addenum 6 hours later: it seems I spoke (posted?) too soon! My opinion is the polar opposite to the families concerned, who deride the report as a whitewash...... Should I be surprised? Or concerned?

Will be back to posting in a more normal fashion shortly..... meanwhile, I can recommend TUPC's blog for somewhat eye opening eyewitness accounts of the rough end of the job that don't get the media into a frenzy.