Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Stated Cases

Someone has posed a very interesting question on the comments on the previous posts. Shamelessly picking up on this theme............

Quite rightly, ignorance of a law is not a defence for contravening it. So with all sorts of different forces giving trials for different powers for PCSO's, will this cause problems.

Say: I live in area A, and know PCSO's have no power to do a certain something. I go to area B, and a PCSO wants to do something that I know in area A he can't. I refuse to let him, and I subsequently get charged with obstructing a designated officer (or whatever the technical wording is- my reference books are in my locker- but there's definitely a charge heading like that designed to deal with PCSO's).

Is that right? This is where my knowledge of legal things falls short. How is it possible to trial powers of detention, search etc only in one geographical area? Either it's law, or its not. Or would the law have to state it only applies to said geographical area? If anyone can help, leave a comment.

In the meantime, a while ago I asked if anyone had been contacted by a police magazine. It wasn't Police Review trying to get hold of me, it was the Sharp End. A Home Office funded magazine asking me to call them or drop in? Forgive me if my over suspicious and paranoid mind tells you to take a long walk off a short pier (actually, I said to them I'd only be prepared to contact them by email, and never got a response). The cloak of anonymity is the only thing that lets the logical part of my brain be overruled (because the logical part of my brain says "what are you writing a blog for you idiot").

But enough from me now. Still nothing of substance to talk about, I know. I'm clawing the walls of my office wanting to get back to response work. I'm trying to bribe and cajole the other skippers on old team to letting me go out (when I get back) and do stuff as a response officer, forget this stripes supervise this that blaaaaaaah marlarkey. I just want to get back out and stuck into things. Even griefy thankless jobs are currently appealing!