Thursday, January 04, 2007

The case of the missing probationers

Uncovered quite a debacle in the division admin department. Very frustrating I can't give much detail, but by next week the entire force will know about it so unless I want to put up a big flashing advert for who I am I can't give away much.

But the short version is someone kind of got their wires crossed and all of a sudden a load of people who were supposed to join the force have kind of disappeared. Apparently circumstances changed roughly 7 months ago. And I inadvertently find this out, not the various civilians (probably some of whom get paid more than me) whose job it supposedly is.

I shall stand back and watch the blame wars unfold. As I discovered the cockup, apparently that means I get cc'd in every email related to it. So I'll sit back and chuckle as human resources blame workforce planning who blame personnel who blame the training unit who blame the finance department etc etc.....

And I am told I shall be returning to response team work some point this year! I shall believe it when I walk in the door and get a load of abuse from my old colleagues :-)