Saturday, November 05, 2011

One day

One day, I'll be back on here. I now have much more important things to be doing in my spare time (two of them, to be precise) and until they reach the age when they're out at school all day and I can reclaim back the concept of spare time (i.e. once that long list of jobs to do the house is done.... if it ever is...!) then I'll come back on here.
I haven't deleted any posts. There's still some good stories buried in here so feel free to have a look. Having said that, I probably will delete some of the more useless chaff I've gone on about and just leave the better stuff.
There's still plenty of Police Bloggers on out there as I'm sure you've already found, and new ones come and go. So have a look through here, and some day I'll be back with several years of whinges to bore you all with :-)