Monday, July 09, 2007


Blog admin!

I'm starting to go through the various posts and properly tagging them. Reasons are mostly selfish, really: some of my posts took some time and effort but once they're beyond the first page they get forgotten quite easily, not least by me.

I'm trying to keep the tags to a minimum, and in categories I think people would want to see (or not)- whether actual jobs I've done, things in the media I've seen and nattered about, issues like community / neighbourhood policing initiatives, PCSO's etc.

Feel free to suggest any more........

In the meantime, I ask you all to go over to TUPC's blog and read the recent story. A very, very good post that puts you in the position of an armed officer and asks that question that everyone has an answer to after the event: what would you do?

I've posted a reply but I'm not firearms trained, and would barely call myself firearms aware. Be honest with it, and post what your first reaction would be. Not your second after a moments thought, because you wouldn't get that at the time.