Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Postings and pistols

Well I've been visited by the phantom police hater (hereon dubbed Cuddles, courtesy Busybizzie- brilliant name!) who's been doing the rounds on all the blogs with his particularly pleasant comments regarding Pc Henry.

I'm not going to delete them. I think it is better for all to see the kind of people who do exist in society. I appreciate this person is hiding behind a cloak of anonymity- being wary of hypocrisy here as I am aware that is precisely what I and 99% of police bloggers do, but at least we provide a consistent identifiable means of contact- but there are people like that in the real world who I meet who are quite prepared to tell me their true feelings. Perhaps moderated a touch as the inconvenience (not punishment or embarrasment) of a section 5 arrest may temper their language a bit.

I provide a contact email on the right too. I've been sent a couple of fairly colourful emails in the past. Perhaps I ought to publish them next time.

Moving on from the pond life I am amused by the fact that it is rare that a police blog gets updated at the weekend. This is mostly because either a) we're at work b) if we're not at work, its that rare thing of a weekend off and as such time will not be wasted sat at home computer.

Took this off someone recently- off someone who thought he'd use it to relieve someone else of any spare cash and jewellry they happened to have on them:

Well, I rephrase. I didn't take it off him. Someone with a rather large police issue sub-machine gun took it off him. How I would love to have seen his face when the armed response boys surprised him walking down the street. Not a clever criminal, as he wore quite distinctive clothing.

Its actually a type of air pistol. But would you know that if I didn't tell you?