Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sergeant Says What?

Right. As you may figure, this being the first post and all, I'm new to this blogging lark. Well, I say new. I've kept my eye on the world of blogdom for a while now (since I got broadband at any rate) and amongst all the weirdness and obsessives there's been a few good police blogs, written by officers, telling it how it really is on the streets.

However, I've also seen these blogs get shut down. Well, I assume shut down as one day they simply disappear. Probably posing too many questions that highlight the cracks in the veneer senior management like to polish over.

So welcome to my small rebellion against authority, as it seems Official (i.e. high level) police attitude to blogging is a touch too 1984 for my liking.

I don't want to rant and shout about things. I don't want to provoke senior management. I just want to paint an honest picture of the kind of crap that we and the officers I am in charge of have to deal with day in, day out, without recognition or reward. Yet if it is me painting an honest picture of what we deal with is what senior management have a problem with, then I have a problem with senior management.

So let's see whats going to happen. I'll post every so often about jobs I've dealt with, the frustrations I have. I am forced to be anonymous and this will be reflected in that names, places and times will never be what they really were.

I'm experimenting with Blogger and another site as to which I prefer. I'll probably shut one of them down in the near future but I'll let you know which is remaining